About Crepzone


Crepzone Uk was founded among group of dream chasers , Ephraim Opoku, Evans Debrah, and Kelechi Asonye.Us three entrepreneurs , influenced by the art and urban culture of sneakers, imagined creating a sneaker reselling business that captures our world and promote a work hard, play harder mentality. Crepzone Uk was born and, with No money, Evans and Ephraim built the platform from ground up. Kelechi, later on came in the picture by investing in to the business. Which took Crepzone Uk to the next level.


The Crepzone dream started with two young men named Ephraim Opoku and Evans Debrah, from a small city in the midlands called Coventry. The plan was to sell exclusive shoes to customers all around the country in the hope we get enough recognition to start selling internationally. As upcoming entrepreneurs, we were influenced by the art and urban culture of sneakers. Ephraim and Evans started the company with no initial investment which was hard in the beginning but was still seeing good results in terms of reputation. Our goal is to take Crepzone to the next level by branching out to other business aspects like starting our own clothing line, holding the best events in the country and lastly for our city Coventry, have our own Crepzone Fc football team In the hope we aspire to bring the youth together through football and entertainment to promote peace, harmony and unity to prevent violence At Crepzone we say “Boots up ⬆️ knives down 🔽”.


To make a global brand, and come out on top as one of the biggest upcoming businesses in the country.